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Renewal of January 17, 2009

It is play spot introduction of Vietnam.

At a center [ restaurant / in Ho Chi Minh City Hanoi Haiphong Da Nang ]

"The place which can play" is introduced.

Vietnam playground

The restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City Hanoi Haiphong Da Nang
The restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City Hanoi Haiphong Da Nang

The bar
Japanese pub

Ice skating

The Vietnam language could enjoy the direction made how much.
Are those from Vietnam who can do Japanese how much needed?
The command of English of the man of Vietnam is how much.
If it says in TOEIC-TOEFL and the Society for Testing English Proficiency, what mark are they?

Hanoi, hanoi, and the Vietnam playground

Karaoke lounge
- Roppongi Karaoke no charge One-person budget of 23 dollars
- YU (A)
- Mistake ao daiclub
- sapa lady
-syagaru. CHAGALL
- hamine 波美音
- Pure
- Hide-and-seek
- It is quiet.
- Hanoi club
- ayu AYU
- Casablanca Those with Wifi
- Club beppin
- Mermaid
- Ciao, a club
- Mirage
- Maple
- Sakura
- Capital
- Sunflower
- Princess
- kingyo
- koo
- Dancing mai

Ho Chi Minh City Saigon Vietnam playground
Karaoke lounge
- Forte Forte Manager It is [ ken Mr. ] under permanent residence.
- tsunami Tsunami
- chouchou Queen
- tyo-tyo bar
- Golden sand
- Ginza GINZA
-syagaru. Ho Chi Minh City
- A golden pig
- Masa John
- Van Vang
- A-Z
- Club beppin
- Hime Princess hime the room -- beautiful
- Lounge EVA
- Glass Grass
- Hoshi Star hosgi
- Smile Smile
- AJISAI Hydrangea
- OASIS Oasis
- EDEN Eden
- Feeling Feeling
- Julie Julie
- heaven tengoku
- yukis Yuki
- su HASU
- ZEUS CLUB Zeus club
- Galaxy
- 竪 Every length It transferred. It is as le thah ton
- Kitty
- Kitten
- Cats EYE Cat's-eye
- Cinderella Cinderella
- NAMI Nami
- venus Venus
- tsubaki
- bellezza It is comfortable.
- PLANET Planet It can fall, attach and drink.
- KcKc
- Sunrise It can sing.
- Moon Light
- changing -- coming out -- 楓
- Nishiki Nishiki
- yuu Friend
- Blue Berry
- YLAN e-lan princess
- madoka Circle
- Piano bar
- Yumi
- Tokyo hotel karaoke club
- Miss saigon

  • It is Vietnam and is a flower.
  • Some shopping is done in Vietnam.
  • It massages in Vietnam.
  • It has a meal in Vietnam.
  • It is Vietnam and is a casino.
  • It is Vietnam and is soccer.
  • Baseball is played in Vietnam.
  • It is Vietnam and is golf.
  • It is Vietnam and is scuba.
  • It is Vietnam and is surfing.